Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break

Yeah, great start to a blog…seriousness and angst dripping from my cyber pen. I’ll lighten up a bit on this one and perhaps eventually progress to even more banal and frivolous topics before returning to the profound.

We are back from our spring break beach trip and oh, it was so good to get away, just our family. I’m having trouble remembering the last time we actually took a real vacation – more than an overnight -- with just the five of us. Words can’t express how refreshing and relaxing it was to just be on our own schedule, no obligations to anyone else, and in our own company. Equally important was being away from daily responsibilities and reminders of unfinished work.

Our beach-front condo was just the right size and quite comfortable. And the décor had no mauve or peach and wasn’t tiresomely matchy or kitschy like so many beach rental properties. Interior design does affect me; it won’t make or ruin an experience, but my sensibilities have some kind of inner reaction to aesthetic things. Our room had a view that reminded me of the view we had from our condo on our honeymoon in Maui – many moons ago. From the window, the wonderful rhythmic sound of waves crashing in and then ebbing back could be heard. The beach is one of those places in which chaos and serenity become one.

And does this Type A personality ever need serenity! Sounds of gulls were faint and infrequent but no less relaxing. Being April, the wind blew cool breezes and the water felt chilly to our feet (the kids of course got soaked riding the waves). Husband and I did manage an evening walk on the beach sans enfants, a rite of passage! Even enjoyed lazy mornings sleeping in while kids watched TV – “video-parenting” (the loathsome parenting technique we swore we’d never do). It all ended too soon but we were glad we went.

Now that we’re back in the throes of work-school-volunteer routines, I’m ready for another spring break!

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