Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Musing and Kvetching

Welcome to my blog! I’m excited to start this new venture sharing my short-lived experience as a largely unknown intern for Charlie Sheen and my new goal of earning my 15 minutes on “American Idol”.

Just kidding – sleezy pop culture aside, I, fortunately or unfortunately, go way deeper on the philosophical and intellectual side. Not that I’m cerebral and brainy – far from it. I’m a creative artsy type who’s now obsessed with trying to be organized, though I have three active boys who continually challenge my efforts to systemize my environment. But let me just say – this is not another Mommy blog. I plan to explore much more than that, though I’m sure parenting will make its way into my musings (or kvetchings).

I’m trying to find my way through middle age (could I really be that old?) with its messy roads. In some ways, I’m much more comfortable in my own skin (though I’ve not made peace with my frizzy hair) than I was in my twenties. In other ways, I sometimes don’t know who I am anymore. I’m facing some ancient wounds from my past and healing slowly. Fracture lines once healed and mended may not be apparent on the outside but are still indelibly altered on the inside.

When we leave home and face life as a young adult, we’re faced with what seems like endless and exciting possibilities and are filled with idealism. By the time we’re in our middle age, we’ve born a few scars and view life with more realism. I’m not easing into this time of my life with the same acceptance my mother’s and grandmother’s generations seemed to. I’m asking more questions and not taking the path of least resistance. I’m ready to move beyond the damned “to do” list rut and live life more fully.

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Writer Mom said...

Amen, sister! We do sound like we are on similar journeys at these points in our lives. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and for reading. I'm happy to be your first follower and look forward to more of your great posts!

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